Any maintenance concerning an interior issue is the individual owner's responsibility. This would include leaking pipes, fixtures, heating/air conditioning, appliances, etc. If you should have a maintenance issue concerning an exterior problem, i.e. roof leak, sprinkler, gates, pool, spa, lakes, fountains, termites, etc., these are items that are usually handled by the association, depending on the governing documents. In this case, please go to the submit maintenance request page to send this information and be as specific as possible. If the maintenance issue is an emergency, call our office at 214-904-8250; if you get our voice mail, press "1" during the greeting and it will put you in an urgent voice-mail box where you can leave a message. This option will page our maintenance department and someone will call you right back. Remember that this urgent option is for emergencies only and will not page the office staff, only the maintenance department. Also note that if you leave an urgent message in the middle of the night, then you are going to get a call back in the middle of the night.


The procedure for reporting violations is very simple; Go to the Report a Violation page, fill it out in full and forward to us. In your report, be as specific as you can, including unit numbers, date(s), times, frequency, etc. A violation letter will be sent to the offending unit owner, with a copy being forwarded to you. Unless otherwise requested by the person(s) filing the report, all sources of violation reports are kept confidential.

If the unit number is specified, please be sure of the unit number before you file a violation report.